Who do you think you are?




We have spent a lot of time this week beginning our string portraits. It is quite time consuming but I have been very impressed with your patience. They are looking fabulous – it is work in progress so watch this space for the next stage.

Explain what you have had to do? Are you enjoying this piece of work? What are you proud of?

Mrs Millard XXXX


Year 4 Home Learning Challenge – November 2014

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Hello Fabulous 4’s,

Welcome to your blogging challenge!

This is the second part of your ‘imaginary worlds’ home learning challenge. You need to describe your imaginary world in more than 200 words, comment on at least one other year 4 entry to the blog and be able to act on advice given to make your blog even better. Remember you have 3 weeks to do this and all these points need to be completed by Friday 12th December 2014. You must all complete your homework as you all agreed to – you signed the home school agreement. Here are some tips to help with your writing:

* How did you enter your world?

* Let your imagination run wild and describe inside your world.

* Use all of your senses.

* Add powerful words, similes and even metaphors.

Happy blogging! I look forward to reading them,

Mrs Millard XX

Who am I?



Our theme for the first half of the Autumn term is ‘Who am I? and we are looking at ourselves, as well as ourselves through the eyes of an evacuee.

Blog about one or a few things from the following list:

1) What have you learnt this term and what have you enjoyed doing?

2) Tell everyone about our trip to Lamport Railway.

3) Tell us some interesting or unusual facts about you – maybe things that no-one else would know!

4) What did you learn doing your first project?

5) What are your hopes, dreams or goals for Year 4?

Well done to all of you keen bloggers out there.

Mrs Millard xx







Visit to Oak Farm


We have just had 2 fantastic fun-filled days at Oak Farm. We learnt what it was like to live and work on a farm and just what hard work being a farmer is.

While we were there, Tina and James taught us lots of new facts and challenged us to find out others. I am therefore, setting you a quiz as a challenge. You may remember some answers but others may need a bit of research. Try to answer as many questions as you can. Here goes:

1) How big is the farm?

2) You know what ‘you’ means (as in you and me). What other 2 spellings of the word did you learn and what do they mean?

3) What’s the name for vegetables that grow in a pod?

4) What drug is produced from yew trees and what is it used for?

5) What is a chicken’s normal body temperature? Is it the same as ours?

6) How long do hens and ducks sit on their eggs?

7) How long are the following animals pregnant for?  a) Horses   b) Cows   c) Sheep

8) How can you tell if a duck is a drake?

9) Tell me a fact that you were told about the horns.

10) Make up your own question for other keen bloggers to answer.

If you would rather blog and tell us about your day then that is also fine. What was your favourite part of the day? What did you learn? Would you like to be a farmer?

I can’t wait to read all of your responses. Make sure that you say which question number you are answering. Thank you all for making the two trips so enjoyable.

Mrs Millard



Out of this World


Oh my gosh – you come across an opening in the ground and you wonder to yourself what is this? Shall I go inside?  You use your instinct to wander towards it.  What happens next is your tale to tell…

Remember to tell us all about what you encounter;

•Your experience as you walk inside the opening
•How you are feeling
•Your senses – touch, see, smell, hear & taste
•Do you decide to leave the new found world or come back to reality?
•Do you meet any strange creatures, make friends or enemies?

The person with the most original and unusual tale that is truly ‘Out of this World’ will become the proud winner of our ‘Blogging Contest’. Prizes are on offer!!

Enjoy your creative story writing and most importantly – have fun!

Mrs Millard and Mrs Sullivan  🙂

Team Terrific’s Mystery Box



Team Terrific have played 20 questions in class and we thought we would now play the game through blogging.

You need to remember the following:

  • You can only ask questions that have a yes/no answer
  • Don’t repeat the same question that another blogger has already asked – this will waste some of your 20 questions!
  • You can only ask 20 questions
  • Please comment on other people’s questions
  • If you don’t have an e mail address, type your name @lings.com (Eg. MrsMillard@lings.com)


Magic Box poems

Mrs Millard’s Literacy group have been creating their own ‘Magic Box’ poems inspired by the poet Kit Wright.

If we had our own Magic Box, what would we put into it? This also links to our whole school theme of ‘Who Do You Think You Are.’

We thought about smells, tastes and sounds that we like, special places, memories, beautiful and imaginary things, as well as some nonsense items.

We are so proud of ourselves that we wanted to share our masterpieces with you. Even if you are not in Mrs Millard’s Literacy group, please comment on our poems and also tell us what you would put into your special ‘Magic Box.’