17 thoughts on “Testing 1, 2

  1. Hi mr wolmarams I can’t wait until Mondays drama club because I’m I’m going to try my best while I’m singing naughty so I might get the lead roll,matilda

    • My box is made from golden sonic’s! The side’s are made from Dairy milk melting! The hinges are made of goblin’s toenails!

      I will put in my box halloween monsters

      I will put in my box iron man (Tony Stark)happy halloween alrea

  2. I will put into my box…
    a minature Queen stuck on top of a bustling buckingham palace screeking her head of.

    I will put into my box…
    the taste of jelly babies sizzling in my mouth.

  3. hollys magic box
    I will put In my box a gold fish because my fravroit coulor gold
    I will also put a lamp in my magic box so I can read
    I will have books in my box because I am alone with out them.
    last of all I will put some flowers in so I can smell them

  4. Sophie’s magic box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the taste of sour lemon.
    a miniature nan to look after me.
    a flower to make it smell nice.
    a dress because I love them.

  5. The sides from my box are made from Dairy milk,melting!!!! The hinges are made of Despicable me 2 minion skin! I will put in my silky box the skin from astrophsic metalic sonic! (leather) My box is made from goblins toenails!

  6. hi. I am with sahib on the laptop and I am reading everybody’s poems and they are very creative! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

  7. Wow im sitting here with a cup of tea whilst reading these and blind me people you’ve got amazing thoughts. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!

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