Who am I?



Our theme for the first half of the Autumn term is ‘Who am I? and we are looking at ourselves, as well as ourselves through the eyes of an evacuee.

Blog about one or a few things from the following list:

1) What have you learnt this term and what have you enjoyed doing?

2) Tell everyone about our trip to Lamport Railway.

3) Tell us some interesting or unusual facts about you – maybe things that no-one else would know!

4) What did you learn doing your first project?

5) What are your hopes, dreams or goals for Year 4?

Well done to all of you keen bloggers out there.

Mrs Millard xx







40 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. On Wednesday 24th September 2014 we went to the train station.We dressed up like evacuees. when we got there we was allowed to go sraight on the train to wait for the other groups to arrive. when the other group arrived the train started moving and there was a lady playing the accordion. we was then put in groups i was with mrs sulliavan and we went and saw the the train engine, when we came off the train we got to hold a real gun, a real grenade and a real bullet. after that we went to control tower and saw all the lever that control the signal we got to pull one it was really stiff to pull back. we went to a train that had lot of coal on it and we got to take a piece home. we ate lunch in the train, after lunch we went down to a field and played games. the best part for me was holding the gun, grenade and bullet.
    i learnt doing my project on ww2 there was lots of countries involved and children got evacuated form cities. that my great nan was evacuated to devon and the story about auntie dot and auntie mauds factory blowing up when they skipped work for the day.

  2. Our trip to lamp port railway was so fun it was like I was a real evacuee.Here is some of my favrourite bits.I enjoyed when we where on the steam train and we sang some songs on the way round. I liked it when we entered into the front of the train that controls the whole entire steam train it was so cool I thought I was a real driver. My other favourite part was when we saw a train that delivers and then we got coal to take home. Thank you for a great day, Thomas B.

  3. In year 4s homework we have been reserching all about the war.Some things i never knew about the war,now i’v reserched i have learnt new things like where it took place,how many people died and much more.

    i really enjoyed the homework from Ashia

  4. my hopes and dreams for year 4 is to be the kindest person and to not let my self down.I learnt how to make a pillow case and a gas marsk box I LOVED IT ALL

  5. my hopes and dreams are for year 4 is to be kind to people and learn about the railway station and world war 2 and at the trip we learnt to be world wall 2 people I wear a dress whit yellow tightsand a green hat to miss millard.

  6. when we got in the bus i was very rxcited to see the trein and how will bee in the trein and when i real get in was excited.i like the bit we have to see a difrent trein and give questens to a man who now all aboute treins.

  7. What I have done in year 4 so far, first we all made our own wallpaper design it was hard but the fabulous 4’s did it first we had to research all different types of wallpaper and draw it on a peace of card . Secondly we made string art at first we all did a portrait of are self and then put it on to cardholders it took 2 people to do there string in one day and took some people 3 days to do there string and then we did the painting and that was awesome. We also went to landlord railway…….

  8. My hopes and dreams are for year 4 are to luner a bout warld wall 2 we reschrest railway sation we went on Wednesday to railway sation we sang some songs like my favorite song run rabbit then we did the same song angina we learnt about hitter and adolf, miss milrad

  9. year 4 went to a trip called lamport railway station with the minibus we got we went on the train and an old lady sang us with the occordion she sang us old macdonalds,roal roal roal your boat and run rabbit run rabbit.After that we sawed a man with a gun I was scared a bit I thought he was going to shoot someone or something.Also he showed us how to use a gun on the way we got to a engine a man showed how to control a train then we went to another man that told us all how to move that thing up and down then he lets us pull that handle then our teachers had a turn they were the best pullers then group 2 went to a man that told us about some steam trains after he gave us some col to brig it at school then we went to lunch after that the teachers let us on the field to play a little while then we went back to school. my favourite part was when we eat in the train.

  10. I went to lamport railway station and dressed as an evacuee. My best moment was holding the gun, the bullet and the granite. my worst moment was getting evacuated. I miss my parents very much. we went on the the train and sang some songs. I learnt a new song called run rabbit run rabbit run run run.

    by mazahir

  11. What a day I loved doing all the activity’s and I liked playing on the field.I liked to see all of the train’s and the steam train’s too.i wish we can learn about ww2 again from saira

  12. When we went to Lamport Railway, we actually went on a train and it felt like I was an evacuee! When everyone was there, we all jumped into the train and we set off down the track. I was sitting next to Shaun and opposite me was Leo and opposite Shaun was Latesha. Soon we decided to play a little game and we pretended that Germans were trying to get us! We then went to the box station and we all had a go at pulling the lever. The lever’s were so stiff, I had to help Mrs Sullivan pull it! We did loads more and honestly, I can’t remember most of it! Thank you loads for the best day ever! :)

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