Year 4 Home Learning Challenge – November 2014

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Hello Fabulous 4’s,

Welcome to your blogging challenge!

This is the second part of your ‘imaginary worlds’ home learning challenge. You need to describe your imaginary world in more than 200 words, comment on at least one other year 4 entry to the blog and be able to act on advice given to make your blog even better. Remember you have 3 weeks to do this and all these points need to be completed by Friday 12th December 2014. You must all complete your homework as you all agreed to – you signed the home school agreement. Here are some tips to help with your writing:

* How did you enter your world?

* Let your imagination run wild and describe inside your world.

* Use all of your senses.

* Add powerful words, similes and even metaphors.

Happy blogging! I look forward to reading them,

Mrs Millard XX

79 thoughts on “Year 4 Home Learning Challenge – November 2014

  1. My imaginary world is a underground superhero hideout. There are four rooms, one is a weapon room,as well as a gaming center there is also a photography room with a costume room.also a road coming out of a shiny garage door next to the garage there
    was a lift that to
    ok you into the mystical world of heroic women and men even maybe
    you are one of the hero’s.first and formost a secret lies upon this mirical land if you spread this secret your greatest fear will come true…

    • Well done for being our first blogger Harlem! We read this a s a class but you said that you needed to finish. Carry on – I’ll look forward to reading what comes next.

    • Harlem, that is very good. It’s full of description and powerful words. Maybe do a little more next time. Well done, you did a good job.

    • next I revealed a secret of my own no fear came true so I was safe I new it was a lie powpowpow HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Next I seen my city crash

  2. Thomas editing his blog under Mrs Millard’s log in

    Once upon a time there was a girl called Alice, and she was so into learning about world war one she could do this all night long. Just then her book started to shake, blow and glow,she was so scared she was like a scared little animal. Continuing her book was still glowing she was getting curiouser and curiouser as the book was still doing it’s thing. Then book opens up a portal that was so terrifing it is a horror portel. Suddentley the portal grabbed her into a gigantic vortex. Suddentlely she was in the book!!! And she asked this simpal question to awnser will I ever get out of this book or will I be stuck for ever… TO BE CONTINUED!!!

    The continuing hour,
    While her room was bracking into bits, her best friend walked into the room she heard this voice saying:HELP HELP HELP!!! Just then she replied Alice… is that you? Alice in a worring voice said yes it is Amy get out it is going to pull you in the book with me. She awnsered I do not care it won’t hert me at all. So she read the book. Alice was moving in the book Amy could not belive with her own eyes. During Amy was panicking her heart out Alice was realy not enjoying the world war there was bombing and all dangerous thing’s she almost got shot by a crazy German. Way up high Amy figured a way of getting her out of this legonery book. She picks her out which unlikely but she thought it is all about saving her best freind and finally, she was saved from hell. So after all they all lived happily ever after. The book was known as the:
    Legonery book. By Alice Bursnoll.

  3. my weld is a candy land because I love sweets and chocolate so I made it candy land it took me a very long time it was hard on it but my huse is cruss lolly pops for my walls and I yosd stik of roke for my roof

    • Is this Kieran C. or Kieran W.?
      Shouldn’t your sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop?
      You need to complete this so that it is at least 200 words.

  4. well my wold is about football and it has mini figures and a goal keeper and it has 2 lights in 2 corners and it also has a green

    • You have a lot more to do Corey as your blog should be at least 200 words. Also, try to finish sentences each time you blog and not finish part way through a sentence.

  5. once upon a time there was a wonderful land called mathamatics world. It was all merry ,suddenly a storm came so all of the hooshas (people) had to go back to their huts. That was when the planet tore apart! suddenely out of the Kaylas eyes see sore a crack in the middle of the earth, she fell to the ground with a thump. Her mum and dad said not to worry but that didn’t stop her from shaking and worrying. On the other side of the earth people started to get angry and afraid so they thought to get the good sides attention to vanish all of their colours and numbers from their planet. The vilagers didn’t realise till a couple of days because the storm had ended and they realised that everything was black white and grey and the lord of the Dark Realm appeard out of now where as if he magic powers. 5 years later…

    Kayla was fed up so she said to the dark lord “stop this nonsense its going to far now” She finally took a stand against him. But nobody else could stand up to him as they had all drowned with sadness and that day was the day that Mathematics World War 1 Started. There were people who started to stand up for themselves but others were scared and frightened of him.

    To be continued

    • I can’t wait to read the conclusion Latesha. Some great use of punctuation – brackets, exclamation marks and ellipsis.
      Make sure that sentences begin with a capital letter. I wasn’t sure who Kayla was as you introduced her very quickly – who is she?

    • That is amazing Latesha. I can’t wait to read the next part of your story, and I am sure that it will be fabulous‼!

  6. my imaginary world is football. I found football pitch wallpaper to make a football ground. I have no goal posts because i made a game up called keep the ball to yourself. Its a two player game so someone starts with the ball and you have to get the ball by tackling them. there are six or five squares and there are characters.
    the first two are John cena and rey mysterious. the second two are mario and luigi.
    the last two were Alvin and a Ben 10 villain

    • A good start Mazahir. You need to add some more to your blog to make it at least 200 words. Make sure that sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop please.

  7. Well my planet is called planet tegus because I named it after me and I have a dragon to protect my Aliens.After that I put on a penny because it would transform the Queen of Aliens to distroy the intire world. Then I stuck on a tube that turns the Aliens into humans and can builed a Army and Never give up.

    Then I glued 2 buloons one was the sun the other was the moon so they had light and ebony and I made my own poem that rhymes and tells you what objects there are on my planet. Next I found a minion that claps if enyone trys to break in. Then I sticked on 2 paper plates one made the planet moved around the other made it go back were it was

    • A great start Teejay. Are you going to include your poem on your blog? I’d love to read it. There is no such word as ‘sticked’ – it should be ‘stuck’. Read through a piece of writing when you have finished, just to make sure that it makes sense.

  8. Once upon a time there was a little girl called Olivia. Olivia lived in a beautiful house, but the house was a little bit small. One morning, she woke up and she said to herself, “It would be very pleasant if I went for a nice, quick walk.” She got dressed and went to ask her mum. After their short discussion, she went out and while she was walking, she saw something very curious. There, right before her eyes was a tree with a door at the bottom of the tree trunk! As she walked towards this strange tree she felt a buzz of curiosity. When she opened the tree door she got sucked right in and she started falling down, down and down.

    She was falling so fast, she thought she would fall right through the other side of the world! Soon she slowed down and she said, “Hopefully I won’t be falling for very longgggg!” Olivia’s words turned into screaming. She was falling fast again but suddenly she hit the floor with a massive BUMP! As Olivia looked around for a ladder or something, she saw a small door and when she opened it, she tried to get through but sne could only get her head and shoulders through! Suddenly, out of nowhere, two cookies appeared, one said grow, one said shrink. She ate the one that said shrink and began shrinking immediately. Soon Olivia was small enough to get through and as she went in, she was getting curiouser and curiouser. Through the little door was a big sunflower patch, the sunflowers looked normal but they weren’t. They had faces that looked a bit like a smiling bee. “I’m not sure if I will ever get out of this strange world!” Olivia said nervously. She then heard muttering and she realised the sunflowers that were talking! Olivia then rushed on because she thought they were muttering about her. She suddenly felt like she had been struck by lightning. “When will I ever get back? How will I survive? My mum is probably looking for me by now. Will she even realize that I’m gone?” Said Olivia sadly. She sat down and cried. Olivia was feeling sad because she thought she was never going to see her parents again or will she…

    To Be Continued…

  9. Hello my name is amira,and something wird has happened in my life that I really want to tell you. right it all started when it was summer and it was my birthday. But I didn’t really celebrate but I didn’t really care as long as I got to spend time with my family. to be continued

  10. In this magical and mysterious world, Olivia saw all sorts of different and crazy creatures. She saw a creature that looked exactly like a bumblebee but it had butterfly wings and butterfly antenna! She then came across a GIANT house but it wasn’t exactly like a house, it had rainbow for a roof and sparkles for walls.
    That’s not everything so…
    to be continued…

    • Amazing story Tamsin I can’t wait to read your next part of that amazing story.✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴

  11. Part 2 of Olivia’s Adventure
    Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a big house with a real rainbow for a roof and bunched up glitter for walls! The strange house had a door that you could see through and when she looked into it, she saw some strange flower people that could walk and talk! They had body’s as thin as straws and they had heads that were diffrent shapes and sizes! There were small ones, big ones and some were tiny! When she stepped through the door, she heard all of the flower people chatting about how their day had been and suddenly stopped to look at her. Everyone started walking towards Olivia and asking her questions like who are you and where are you from? She told them her name and said that she should be moving on and they all said goodbye at the same time. After a while, she came across a babbling stream that sparkled blue and purple. When Olivia sat down on the edge of the stream, she fell in but she just stayed on top and floated like a lily pad. As she climbed out of the stream, she splashed a bit and the water landed on her tongue. The water tasted like blueberries and bubblegum and she wished to bring some with her. While Olivia was walking along, another curious thing caught her eye and her eyes were staring at a village with houses but the thing was, the houses were made of chocolate! There were thick, coloured spider webs for doors and windows and the people who lived there were flower people but some seemed taller than the ones at the cottage and some were about the same size. Olivia started to walk again when, out of nowhere a door appeared right in front of her! She opened the door with curiousity and walked right in. Olivia then found herself standing in front of a HUGE castle made out of glass, but then a trumpet played and the queen came out wearing a white gown made of silk and glitter. Perched on her head was a crown made out of gold with real gems that sparkled in the sunlight She wondered, who is she? Does she rule the land? I wonder if she has a name? Her thoughts never stopped and she never knew if she ruled the land or did she…
    To Be Continued…

  12. Arfter that you will need to avoid the lava most of the world is coverd in it. There are only little islands to hide on. Hide from what I hear you arsk well because there is not any meet the lavapes look for any stranded humans so be where. Now I spos you are wundering what other animals there are there are 3 more animals they do not have names but they are exchrordnery. There is one volcano at the bottom of the world that erupts every 6 years and wont stop entil it has bin 1 hole year that is why there is so much lava. There is not much plants because of the heat that has burnt the plants of for klo mitretis so there is plants in the middle of the islands and not any where els. The world is so light that other world use it as a sun it is that light that it would burn your yese rite out of your skul no other planit in the univers is as light as this and the world is nown for that. One of the animals live in the water.

    • Well done Riley. Remember to read through your writing to check that it all makes sense. ‘There is plants…’ or ‘There are plants…’?

  13. When I got into my world it was full of candy and sweets I wanted to eat them all it had lots of snow I made angels I sawed a beautiful house it had a warm and cosy bed and a soft blanket it was so fluffy that I wanted to ley on it I went up stairs then I could see a fire I reached my hand to it so I could have warm hands after that I saw a well dressed white and red man walked past me he had a white beard and a hat also a scarf. He said hello to me,it was santa claus! He had lots of presents and candy canes I was amazed by my world it was awesome it had all of my favourite had his reandeers outside they had a clown nose I asked “can I have a present?”yes of course”he said I could not wait to open it but he did not let me I did not know why so he sent me into a magic tour with his reaindeers.I never went with the reindeers before it was magical tour defenatly a magic one, we drove fast when we got down it was a lot fast then I found myself back home”that was magical”i said.

  14. My world is called Wibbly Wobbly World or WWW for short. To enter my world I draw a portal on a peice of paper and say “take me to Wibbly Wobbly World”. once in the portal everything starts to look strange,and blurry as I come nearer to WWW I begin to relies that everything around me is wonky and wobbly.

    When i land I land in the center of the the world, I look around and the the first thing I notice is the grass is a mix of red and green, the air smells like strawberry’s and lime, the building are orange and purple and appear to be moving left and right. All around me there are roads made of rainbows that twist and twirl and loop the loop and go this way and that.

    As I decide to move nearer to the building I notice the floor is bouncy and my feet feel heavy and unstable, and makes and squelching sound when i step down on to the ground. As i approach the buildings i notice some are extremely tall and they seems to be wobbling more than the smaller building. The air in this area smell like tangerine and blackcurrant .

    As I open the door to a small house it makes a huge squelching sound. There isn’t much furniture only a bed and a few chairs. I sit down in a chair i seem to sink into it. It was so comfy. i go out side to see what else i could find. i come across a gold river that smells like sparkle berry.
    Have you guessed what my world is made of yet ???
    JELLY !!!!!!!!!!

  15. My imaginary world is about fairy world you need to go into the tree in the tree there are fairy’s there one is called silvermist she is a water fairy she does water magic she waters plant her nick name is silver fairy she is the most powerful fairy in the world.

    In my imaginary world, there are fairies and candy trees and in Babbling Brook you will find my main character Silvermist, her specialty is the power of water she can control and can make it rain for the crops to grow. Silvermist is a kind fairy who helps others and helps them grow there crops they call her silver fairy because silver is a colour which represents sweetness and kindness.

  16. my name is ben one day I was walking down the street and I found a man that said stay safe danger is close I went rite past him suddenly I was sucked in to a new multiverse I went past space and time then i landed .When I got up I saw 3 men and they sent me to a t-rex chamber I attacked it when I escaped the men said sorry sum times we do crazy things how are you I am ben know how are you we are the D.A.S dangerous animal serves .

    • part.2 When I fond out about this place I just had tell every one but they said there is no way out I was so sad I was so scared. Then I was taken to the sharcks tank there was a crazy man in the tank he was very scared then I saw a crocebiel it was big after I went

  17. How Olivia Leaves The Land Beyond The Rainbow
    Leading from part 2, the queen walks up to Olivia and says ” What brings you here, my dear child?” The queen said, kindly.She looked quite scared, she had never spoken to a queen before so she was not sure what to say. ” Please, your majesty, my name is Olivia and I am worried if I will ever get out of here.” Olivia said, hastily. The queen looked at her, confused. ” Why would you want to leave my beautiful land though?” The bemused queen replied . ” I came here by falling down a tree trunk, could you help me get back home? I really miss my family!” Said Olivia, timidly. ” Sorry, my dear but I can’t do that. You need to travel far to get to the wish star which is on the other side of everywhere and because that is a long way away ,my servant, Sadie,will help you until you reach the winding woods. ” Said the queen who suddenly felt a bit useless for not helping Olivia. She was feeling so useless, she stood up and said ” Wait, I will show you the way, Sadie might get lost and go the wrong way but I know this place like the back of my hand!” The queen said, bravely. Olivia walked with the queen and not long they walked across a bridge that was really far down the riverside and soon they came across a park that was full of flower children running and playing games. Olivia then asked the queen ” How long have we been walking?” She said trying to sound polite and trying not to moan. ” Half an hour now but we should be there soon.” She replied. Ten minutes past and they suddenly realised that they had reached the winding woods. Olivia gave out a sigh of relief, her legs were starting to ache and then the queen said ” So here we are, well you better be on your way but first, have this.” She then handed Olivia a basket that had some sandwiches in it and two water bottles. Olivia thanked the queen and walked off, into the woods.

    In the winding woods, the trees were all winded together and Olivia then realised why it was called the winding woods. As she walked the trees started turning to look at her but when she turned around to look at them, they quickly turned back to where they were. She stopped to have a sandwich and some water and while she did that, she thought how long she had been walking and she realized she had been walking for one hour. While she was walking she suddenly saw sunlight so she started running towards it. When she reached the exit, she had to break past the fallen branches and soon she managed to get through and then she saw a big hill. Olivia started to climb the hill and the roses started to bloom as soon as she past them. Five minutes later, she had a couple of steps to go until she reached the top. When she was right at the top she saw the wish star above her and she didn’t know what to do so she just said ” I wish to go home and see my family!” ” Your wish will be granted.” Said the star. The wish star’s voice made Olivia jump but before she could reply, she then realized she was not in the strange land anymore! She was on her walk like she was before she was in the mysteryous land. She was glad to be back and she rushed home but she decided not to tell anyone because they might think she is crazy. She went home and went upstairs into her room she was definitely going to remember that story.
    THE END By Tamsin Munro

  18. My imaginary world is awesome. I made it out of cardboard and bubble wrap and eggs and plastic saucer. I wrapped the cardboard in bubble wrap to make a bubble world, then I put a hole in the eggs and blew out the inside to empty them to make the people. I then painted faces on them to make them look like egg people. The egg people go in the bubble buildings to see there friends and to make bubbles. The some times all fly on the flying saucer together to different planets to see other egg people and bubble buildings.
    The Egg people said hello to other egg people in there own eggy language. There conversation will go egg egg eggy egg egg… The egg people houses were made out of cardboard with lots of soft flooring so they don’t get cold in the bubble world. The bubbles keep them safe if they fell over so they wont crack or cry. The egg people had little egg dogs and they walked them round the bubble world. The dogs had bubble kennels to protect them from the outside world. There favourite time of the year was Easter so they could give everyone eggs..

  19. Once upon a time I woke up to see a large iPad in front of me .I touched the iPad it took my hand and my arm my whole body was thrown forwards ,where am I ? I thought I was Alice and I am wearing a long blue and white dress with a pink hair band.I am pretty and shy I am sitting at the table with huge chairs and broken tea pots,fairy cakes with frogs on top.The mad Hatter is the boss of this wild world.There are dogs and cats dressed in loom bands sitting at the table.Taylor swift is the Cheshire cat she’s wondering around like she’s lost.Jessie j is tweedlede and Ariane grande is tweedledum,how weird Ariane grande is dumb she doesn’t know what my name is and she doesn’t even know what 10+10 is.Tweedlede and tweedledum are very big and they wear short trousers and other people laugh at them.Sam is very into eating she hasn’t stopped since I got here her belly is getting bigger by the minute.Cat is a laughing hygena she laughs with her high pitch voice.I drink my tea it’s not right it’s green like broccoli and tastes like cheese,I spit it out all over the the Cheshire cat she wasn’t happy so we end up having a fight I stay away from her she’s evil.The mad Hatter sounds very joyful in a dull and damp place.,I’ve had enough of being Alice for one day.I’m going home.

  20. My world is candy cupcake world because it is a cupcake and it has candy.I entered my world and i was born in planet blog it is called planet blog because you can blog day and night.Anyway i entered my world strangly and RUDLY because i fell into the biggest book ever.My friend beau tried and tried to pull me out but it was know use.While she tried to find a way to pull me out i went to go and explore the because it had been hours ago when i got stuck in the book.I saw a little girl she was a child and she always got bullied by the head teacher Mrs Trunchbull all the children in the school were her friends because she was the smartest girl in her house and in the school.When i went to her house all i smelt was oily things like fish and chips and kebabs they even kicked me out of there house SO RUDE! I then went to go and sort out that Mrs doo daa for one and for all she was like a monster in school but not nkow and then i woke up from my dream Just because of BEAU.i mean what are friends for the end

  21. To be continued

    My mum and dad told me to go upstairs I don’t know why but I did.So I went upstairs but before I even opened my door I heard a big BANG !!!!!!!! So I quickly ran down stairs but nothing happend.My dog barked at me and ran so fast I couldn’t even keep up with him.but anyway I saw a gigantic swirling thing in the sky it started to make a deep hole in the parents started to mind there own business so I decided to jump in.It took about 6s to go through,then I landed.After I landed I looked around I didn’t see any humans but I saw loads of puppys I wanted one so I knew I was going ask parents for another one.i walked around there was loads of assault corse and loads of parks and much more.I went to the water park I got soaked I went back to the hole and went back home I got home on the right time because my dinner was ready.Oh by the way thanks for listening bye.

    • Hang on the story doesn’t end there.
      After I had my dinner I went back threw the deep hole.I started to twirl so fast I got dizzy,I thought I was still in the hole but I actually landed.i quickly ran back to the water park and smelt the water because the last time I went there the water didn’t smell right,so I smelt it again and it smelt like blue berry candy floss and since I saw the dogs drinking it I had one little drop.It was so delicious I started to day dream about candy floss.Then I walked to a stray dog because it was staring at me mysteriously.The dog barked at me so loud my ear drums popped.I ran away from the dog because it scared I ran to the assault corse out of you would think it was made out of brick or wood but it was made of chocolate,as you may of knew dogs weren’t allowed choclate but these dogs were traind not to eat it because they taught them selfs what to eat.I felt so surprised because it was very sunny and I mean very sunny,because there was so much chocolate the air smelt like dark chocolate.i went inside the assault corse and there were loads of dogs but most of the dogs stank so I went outside. Up in the sky I herd a voice saying Amira where are you it sounded like my mum,so I ran to the hole and went back threw it back to the earth.I found out my mum was saying my name so I pretended to play in the back yard so she called me in to go bed so I did.Oh by the way did I mention the assault corse didn’t stay there for ever I ate most of it.Made by Amira (Ashia).

  22. part.3the next day I fond 2 cars I went in it I was inprest they went very fast there was so many controls then I crashed.2hours later I was in hospital it was weird when I got out every where was rewind and the animals are cut and porley it was so sad then a missal came flying at me it nirely blew me up now that was close .THE END to be continued…

  23. Well my world is called sea world and if you toch the water you will become a silly
    moster that like`s to play babys games.There were some wird flawors that have
    diffrent patals and the coulers were pinck mickst with yellow.There were magical hear
    and stars and daiments and if you toch the majcal gate it will trasform into ICE
    and ther is a door that is super majcal that when you get thew the door you will feel
    like not coftabel and feel sick.

  24. When I entered my world it was full of candy and sweets it had lots of snow I even made snow was very fun I could not believe my eyes it felt like I was In winter wonderland.there was a little cottage altrought it was very hard I went inside it was amazing I went upstairs it had a warm fire I stuck my hand out
    sudently my hands began to get warmer and warmer.their was a confy little bed
    I wanted to ley on it so I did ley on it was so comftable that I put the blanket over myself I actually did sundently I foun myself sleeping.When I woke up I sawed a shadow it was santa claus it was actually it was santa claus!Iit was his
    little house I could not believe it was his little cottage. He gave me the most wonderful present ,it was what I wanted for Christmas. Then he said to me he is going to take me on a magical adventure with his magic sleight I could not wait until that moment.He came,the reindeers were so cute!Unfortunetly i found myself back home.

  25. (Rapping bit)
    She loves Dallce
    In her pallce
    (Back to the song bit)
    But one day
    In a pay

    He let her
    In a purl
    He let her go

  26. My favorite game is Minecraft because it is crafty and fun.
    also you can create your own things like.. Houses, castles and lots more.
    I think children like this because they can express there creativity and use there imagination. Games like this are good for children and I think this is the best way to show how creative you can be.

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