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We have spent a lot of time this week beginning our string portraits. It is quite time consuming but I have been very impressed with your patience. They are looking fabulous – it is work in progress so watch this space for the next stage.

Explain what you have had to do? Are you enjoying this piece of work? What are you proud of?

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  1. First we take a picture of our face and then enlarge it, then we use tracing paper to trace around our face, after that we layed the tracing paper turned over on some cardboard and we scribble over the pencil lines to make a face on the cardboard. Once that’s all done you go over the lines on the cardboard with a black marker pen, after this you use scissors to cut string to different lengths and then glue the string on the black lines.

    • Fist we had to get trading paper then we had to get a photo of are face then we had to trace are face then we had to get cardbord then put the trace of are face on to the cardbord then we had to get string and sicors and glue then we had to cover the string in the glue then stick the string on the port rate but fist we had to cut the string to the length of the port rate then we pant it next but we have not got on to that yet

  2. It took a long time to do the art.The piece of work we did is called string art and it took a long time for it to dry and the next bit is to paint the art.

    You will need:

    You need to draw a portrait of yourself with a pen and then you use scissors and cut the string but before you cut the string, You have to measure it with your finger and then cut it and dip it in the glue. After, put it on the pen lines of your face then put your fingers against the string and push them down and stick it on your cardboard

  3. We had to get some tracing paper, then some paper clips and then clip it all together. After that we then tried to trace over a picture of our face which we then showed to a teacher, then we were given a piece of cardboard and then we had to paper clip the tracing paper to it.next we scribbled over the lines to make it go onto the cardboard, then get a black marker pen and draw over the pencil drawing. After that we got some newspaper and cover the whole table with it then we were given a plate of glue and some string. The next step was to measure the length of the string of which bit you want to start with on your face and keep doing that until your done with your string portrait.

    I’m enjoying this piece of work because its showing my creative side and what art I can achieve?

    I am proud of how neat my measuring was and my modelling of my face.

  4. I took my time on my art the art was called string art. you will need.
    and a pitcher of your self.
    first you need to draw your self on the paper then copy it onto the cardboard.
    next glue peace’s of string on the lines that you drawn. then you paint the sting art.

  5. Fist we had to get trading paper then we had to get a photo of are face then we had to trace are face then we had to get cardbord then put the trace of are face on to the cardbord then we had to get string and sicors and glue then we had to cover the string in the glue then stick the string on the port rate but fist we had to cut the string to the length of the port rate then we pant it next but we have not got on to that yet

  6. We all done string art it was hard to do it but it take a long time.We done paint mixing this was one of my yellow + orange = brown.we practice painting to make our string art also we put it on a cardboard.It was pretty hard but we did it

  7. First we took a pitcher of are selfs and we had a traising paper and draw are self and it take time If you want to know the scruple on the back of the paper and it comes on the cardboard and it worked but it only come on on the cardboard a little so we draw it with pencil and then Mrs Millard draw it in felt tip then were a quarter of is finish but the next we at to but string on the black felt tip areas when that finish there only 1 thing left paint what ever colour you want when that’s dried it is finish.d

  8. I really took my time on my art work and the art was called string art and I loved it
    You will need.
    First we drawn a picture of are self.then we copied it on the cardboard then we put string on the lines that we drawn. Then we practiced are painting skills and then we are going to be painting them and there looking so good so far. R.N

  9. It was tricky and sticky but very fun and creative I helped some and some people helped me.And the hardest bit was when you dip the string dip it in glue because it goes everywhere.but the easiest bit was the hair for me and the collar because it was a triangle shape and I already knew how long the string needed to be.I never knew I was so good at art and drawing and now I know what I can achieve.Drawing my face was easy but getting it to stay still was the only hard bit but Emma helped me so I got throw it.I LOVED IT

  10. We did art and it was very hard and you need scissors glue cardboard and string and it was very sticky and what you basically have to do is put the string on the line and then you just had to reapa

  11. I loved it when we dipped the string into the glue because it is so messy I still loved it even though it took a bit of time and days it was epic. I Love doing the string art it is so awsome I love doing messy stuff. Because it is amazing when you get messy I will never forget that time. Because it is like my best core memory❀️😍🎨. Art is epic I love art forever.

  12. We all started to do are string art and it was tricky because of all the curves we finished it and it was very fun but it was hard but we all did it in the end.The next day we done some colour mixing it was fun and but my hands got covered paint πŸ˜€ we had some white paint and some red paint and we put some red in the white and mixed it and it started to make pink and at the end it was really pink.

  13. We were glueing string to cardbourd and there was a drawing of are face we did are hair then we did are nose then we did are mouth then are eyes.

  14. The weeck after we came back from school year 4 done a peace of art called string art.first of all we needed to trace a picture of us so then it made a picture of us on the paper.when we finished we traced it on to card board and then we started to add the string art . First we got some news paper and art shirts .Then we started the string art.i started of withe the outside Isobelle started of With her head And then we went of I used swirly patern for my hair and I used a straight patern for my band for patterns.Soon we’re going to paint them .Yesterday we were testing our art sckills and we were miksing some couplers and seeing what they macke if You put them together. Some people were finishing of there String art . We all had lots of fun to calm Our self down we read arohl Dahl book called the twits we had to choices Wouch were Matilda and matilda.πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€

    • I’m glad that you are both enjoying the art work. You are learning lots of skills in the process. Make sure that your sentences begin with capital letters.

    • Amazing blog isabele.Your discibing is incredibale and i think miss milard is going to be happy of your amazing blog about string art.

  15. It’s cool when it gets to the messy bit my Favroutie part was the string because it was messy.I was the first to finish my art. I love doing art art is epic

  16. I have am enjoying the string Art.It has been very fiddly with the glue and the string but I’m geting the hang of it.Im excited to do the painting on the string and the cardboard.If you do it you haft to de good at Art.

  17. 1.portrait a picture of yourself (try again if you get it wrong also use trace paper.
    2.then turn over what you traced and scribble over the line (gently on to the cardboard) get cardboard first.
    3.then mark up over pencil line (next steps separate blog)

  18. 4.glue around marked line with string (with pva glue)
    5.test mixing and painting skills
    6.paint in picture ( no paint on string)

    leave to dry and your a complete artist

  19. In class we have been doing string art.When i first started i found it hard but now i have got the hang of it.
    Also you would need:
    Tracing paper,
    Card bored,
    A pencil to draw with,
    Some glue,
    paper clip’s
    A picture of your self
    and last some string.That’s the stuff you will need.Now let’s get started.
    First you need a picture of your self,and you would also need tracing paper.You will have to put the tracing paper onto your picture and you can see that you can see it.With your paper clips you have to clip it onto the paper so it can stay still.Mow when you have traced over it you will see that it is on the tracing paper.now flip your peace of tracing paper over,and then get your card bored and draw it onto the card bored.Now magic!!!You will see that some of your drawing is on the card bored!The teacher will go over your drawing in black pen.it will look amazing now!
    Then comes the hard part.get your portrades and you get your string and meshure how much string you want,and then when you have done that get your glue,then put your string in the glue ,then take it out and put it on you amazing drawing you did.Now when it is finished,it will look amazing!

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