Saints Reward Day – 14th June 2016


We had a fabulous day at the Saints ground yesterday and we would love to tell you all about it. Think about the following questions:

Why did we go to the Saints?

What did we do?

What was your favourite part and why?

What did you learn?

16 thoughts on “Saints Reward Day – 14th June 2016

  1. on Tuesday I went to the saint I really enjoyed kicking a rugby ball though to metal poles at the skill session we won this reword because of are attendance to the school it was the best day ever!!!

  2. We [year4] went to the saints rugby ground because of our fantastic attendance!!!at the saints we did some African drumming on this drum called a djembe, the word, djembe, is French! we also had a skill session. we had to do exhausting workouts like push ups and sit ups. my favourite part was kicking the ball between the posts. I learnt that the saints were formed in 1880, I also learnt that rugby was invented by a man who picked up a football, ran to the end of the field and scored the first tri! I had a great day at the saints!!!

  3. I loved the rugby only I got it over from half way wooooow :}.
    we went because we had the most atendince.
    we did some African drumming and we done rugby.

  4. yesterday on the 14th of June 2016 we went to the saints and we did lots of things. first we did some African drumming and we meet some one called Alex and he was in are school once he did some music lessons. At the end we helped packed Alex his drums. Next we did a tour of the stadium and there stands were Burrdha ,Tetley,s , Barwel and church,s . Then after we ran out of the tunnel and did a pose. In the other part of the afternoon we met a man called Andy and then we went back home.

  5. on the 14/6/16 when we went to the saints study center.The first thing we did was Arican drumming we had a music teacher called Alex. He taught us how to play a drum.The drum he was playing was called djembe he also told us that there are many ways to play this drum like banging really hard,or circling the head or skin with your nails.

  6. our class year 4, have been chosen to go at a reward day.At Saints! when we arived,the first activity we did was American drumming, in the music room, wich Alex was whaiting for us. Alex taught us how to play with a drum, he also said that you can play a drum in different ways. He said that the top of the drum is called: head, and the middle is called: body. it was realy fun!

  7. i loved the saints because i learnt new things and the last part i couldn’t feel my legs,we went to the saints due to our class favorite part was at the end because i diden’t quite get it but i kept going.

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