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Welcome agents of Shield. You have now had your first Shield session and now we are presenting you with your first mission. The mission is about RESEARCH and getting to know the gaming environment. This mission will teach you to do the following:

  • Blogging a post – making sure that the spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct.
  • Responding to another post – asking questions, posing problems and giving quality feedback.
  • Using search engines to find our information and then making this available to others – do not just copy and paste!
  • Research gaming to get a knowledge of what you need to know when you create your own.

How to succeed in your mission:

  • Choose a game that you are passionate about and have played often.
  • Use a search engine to find out as much as you can about your chosen game. Who designed it? What company created it? What genre is it? How do you score points, lose points?
  • Take all this information and blog your post. We want to know why you like the game and everything about it. Make sure that the content, spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct!
  • Look at other class posts and comment. You need to be specific – tell them what is good, what needs developing, what questions you need to pose and give them your opinion on the game they like.

You have a WEEK to do this session and the due date is TUESDAY 3rd FEBRUARY!

Good luck Agents of Shield!

137 thoughts on “MISSION 1 – RESEARCH

  1. The game that I like is my singing monsters so my singing monsters is all about monsters that make different a company called big blue bubbles

  2. The mojang company made minecraft they made the graphics worse but some people still play it because it’s fun. They made it in November if you died in minecraft you were probably going to lose xp. You build destroy and create there’s mobs it’s all about survival. I like the game because you basically god in this game 4 people can join your server. At a time .

  3. My favorite game is Minecraft they made it in November .the resen why I love it because the first time I saw it I just started playing I got it .For Christmas I was hoping for a car and my driving lisense but I am to young so I played mine craftThere are some some chickens and you have1u will die in seconds. Mogang .

  4. The mojang company made minecraft they made the graphics worse but some people still play it because it’s fun. They made it in November if you died in minecraft you were probably going to lose xp. You build destroy and create there’s mobs it’s all about survival. I like the game because you basically god in this game 4 people can join your server.

  5. My fraviourite game is minecraft. I like minecraft because you can build what ever you wont like a house,fun fer,and lots more. Minecraft was made in 2009

  6. My favourite game is sims city. I like this game because you can build your own city and sims can move into the buildings. You can also invite people to your city and you can get invited to other people’s city’s to have a look around. You have money and you can buy different buildings like factory’s, house’s, hotels and restaurants for your city.

  7. I like speed racer it’s my favourite action game because you get your own weapons for your car it’s a bit like need for speed rivals but more action you have to win the race to get to get to the next level it’s a action game and it will blow your mined. It’s an AWSOME game and it will be normal and you will be amazed you use arrow keys

  8. My game is called my little pony. This is how you play there is a pony called twilete sparkles. You can ern ponys by coins. There is a little flour house and if you touch the flour house you get stars, diamonds, and coins.

  9. I like mincraft Decause you get sods, bose and you fite Zomdies, Endemon also the gasp in the nether land.
    I don’t relly now howe is the crator?dut I do now how to lose and win. to lose you die duy getting killd duy a monster like a end on.

  10. My favourite game Is Injustice gods among us because it has night wing in it it is basically about mortal kombat the game Abdi does not like and capcom it is a DC like superman batman Wonder Woman and Aquaman are all DC characters.You can do challenges like GodFall Superman Batman Beyond and if you complete the challenge you get the character and you can open packs like Gold and Silver

  11. My favourite game is batman Arkham origins this game was written by Corey may the company called warner bros the storyline starts 2009 Arkham asylum game. This game features Gotham City and introducing an origal game

  12. It’s fifa Fifa 16 enter ament play Fifa 16 enter ament so you play match and get coins for real money or Fifa points that’s coins.Team’s you get two pick any team’s like Manchester City vs Chelsea there’s lots of club’s and contry like Germany vs India.play match so you can pick a team or your squad then you pick a team or a random one come’s.open Pack’s if I got lots of coins or fifa point’s if it’s a lengend that’s good it’s power full.

  13. In my game theres ELsa and ELsa needs to get all the ice and if you arived there is a ice monster and you need to go through the monster and you need to get the big ice if you finished you might get to level 2 .but I forgot his name.i am on level 2, i like Elsa games because I play ELsa at home on my tablet.And if you get a ice you can change the sound, and moovment.

  14. DC is my faviroute game your either a villain or hero.You can be buff tall or microscopic I think it’s best to be microscopic because your faster but if your buff your stronger but rember the bigger the man the bigger the fall.If your tall your perfecto but the bad thing about it takes long to load but it’s worth it but you can make you’re own character this is not my best game but it’s in top three.I have way more but this is one of them.

  15. My best game that I like is my singing monsters it was made by big blue bubbles.So it is all about monsters that make different sounds and if you get loads of monsters you would get a very good tune and you can get new creatures on new islands you can get the ,plant island,sugar bush island,air island, water island, fire island,gold island,ethereal island.you urn points by feeding the monsters and then they will give you money which is your points and you loose points by buying stuff because you buy the stuff with your points and it can be used on any electronic devices and you can breed monsters on your island and make monster eggs and you can use your diamonds to speed up the breeding and the egg hatching

  16. my favourite game is minecraft and I love it because its created by mojang and you can slay deadly bosses that have awesome drops like Godzilla.a sheeps piece of fur and some sticks from a tree make a bed so you can sleep through the night-and you need to get a crafting table to make it.the most deadly boss is a wither skull skeleton they are nearly indestructible and have 2silk touch bows and 4000 health they are found on the moon on the deadly beast mod.minecraft is a game of survival and building also fighting.

  17. My favourite game is my talking Angela and it so awesome because you have
    to look after a little cat that is called Angela and you can move level and the levels go up to 100.

  18. Moviestar planet is my favourite game because you can make new friends and meet new friends .The way you get points is you need to do all the things on the gob list and you will get new pets and presents you can even be avid boy or a

  19. My favourite game is my talking Angela and it so awesome because you have
    to look after a little cat that is called Angela and you can move level and the levels go up to 100. TO be continued…

      • you can look after the cat by presing some boutems.but you can not pres any boutens but boutens that yor aloud to pres have some pictures ther is a moon you preset when it she is asleep .ther is apicture of a bath and you pres that when she is darty and a never picture is with a naith and spoun and the lastist one is about playing but i can not remember the picture.

  20. Minecraft
    Minecraft was made in May 17 2009
    4j studios made minecraft
    Minecraft is adventurous, imagntive and deadly
    It’s on different devices like play station Xbox 360 xbox one pc and iOS

    I like minecraft because you can be adventurous and create buildings, you may ask but you can do that on other games , but you can design it how ever you like.You can die by not having no armour swords or house! To survive you’ll need food at least a wooden sword and armour.
    Full set of leather armour:3 and a half protection
    Full set of gold armour:5 and a half protection
    Full set of chainmail armor:6 protection
    Full set of iron armour:7 and a half
    Full set of diamond:full (10)
    All you need is a crafting table to craft different things.
    Wooden sword durability:60
    Wooden sword damage:5
    Stone sword durability:132
    Stone sword damage:6
    Iron sword durability:251
    Iron sword damage:7
    Gold sword durability:33
    Gold sword damage:5
    Diamond sword durability:1562
    Diamond sword damage:8

    To be continued
    Be back for more

  21. My favourite game is lego movie video game because it has excellent characters and graphics even I love lego.I like the weapons and vehicles because the first motorbike has a big wheel at the back.

  22. My favourite game is chicken boy because boys and girls can play it so it doesn’t matter what you are you can play if you won’t to or not . Who made chicken boy ? = it was funtomic which is the company . Zam tamata did the design. Zer midan did the game code. Shanana mason did the music. The voices of the monster’s is geff Martine…. To be continued

  23. The attacks from the monster’s are….

    If they are flying monster’s….
    Flying green:35
    Flying blue:23
    Flying yellow:22



  24. my favourite game is mine craft in mine craft you can billed houses/tours/mines and lots more. mine craft was mad by notch & MOJANG this is a list of the monsters and animals
    4.ender man
    5.ender dragon (only 1 of them)to be continued…

  25. part2 Also in mine craft you can get dogs and cats but I like the horses you can put dimond hours armour on it with a sadle on its back. there is also a thing could a mod a mod is a extra peas and I like the morefing mod because if you kill a creacher you can tern in to it.

  26. My favourite game is moviestar planet it is my favrite game because you can make new friends and meet new people. It is my favourite because there are really good games and you can make video’s on youtube and watch your friends.You can even become a vip!how to get points:you need to finish all the fun gobs on your gob list and you will get fun decorations to decorate your rooms.

  27. My favourite game is moviestar planet it is my favrite game because you can make new friends and meet new people. It is my favourite because there are really good games and you can make video’s on youtube and watch your friends.You can even become a vip!how to get points:you need to finish all the fun gobs on your gob list and you will get fun decorations to decorate your rooms.

  28. My fravrat ga is Lego mavel because it is a free roming game and there are car’s and my fravet car is sheeld staf car and their are dithont ablatyes and my favrat ablate is magic and there is a city me and Jessica play’s in the city and we like the xmanchon and lade Library island and my fraverat carrier is magneto and he Hove’s and I love the mission’s I like unlockeing new carriers and I like the fling caritors the city is big enough to unlock gold bricks you can get fling car’s and nomel car’s and you can help town citsons to get more gold bricks and some are fiting and solving and cars have dithont abilitys and you can get red brick’s and the best way to do south is to read the writing at the top and the first carrier’s you get is hulk and iyan man

  29. My favourite is movie star planet because you can meet all your friend and you can bulid floors also walls . The thing that I like is i can make my self how i want.
    you can be in a competition and get money and points if you win or not.

  30. What you need to do is follow the green ghost studs to travel to diffirent levels on your way to lord business and you can get different Lego people through the game. Also you can get special ranks wich means that you get trophies even you get red bricks that adds more studs or different objects.

  31. The game I play is EA sports FIFA 13 . How to play? You can go basic you be Mesi and you just score goals. FIFA 13 you cant lose in the game I am very good at scoring goals . If you want to play a match you can those your team I those Manchester city a lot of the time and score goals to win this game was made in 2013 because its called FIFA 13 . It was Nishants 12 birthday FIFA 13 was his present from me my mum and dad it was on the WII U .

  32. My favourite game is fifa 15 because it is based on sports and it has great graphics to play the game.And the players are rated rightl it is better than the others fifa games they make them pacy

  33. My faverot game is lost odssey it is a roleplaying game you have got to figure out where to go and even if your going the rong way there will still be enemys in spots. There are meny secrets you would be on it for years if you wanted to find them all. To fight you slect if they do a skill or attac or spell if it is a spell you elect what cind of spell then say if it was a heel spell then you would choose which one and see how much engey you need. You need to chose what aquitment you’re characters where and if it helps you. Its tricky.

  34. My favourite game is …
    Crossy road because it is never ending like the game Temple run or Piano Tiles. it has different characters and different places to cross.
    Crossy Road is a touch screen game that was released on November 20, 2014. It was developed by the indie company Hipster Whale and developers Andy Sum, Matt Hall, and Ben Weatherall. The idea of the name and the game was based on the joke, why did the chicken cross the road.
    The idea of the game is to get as far as possible across the roads, rivers, grass and train tracks without killing your self. The player plays as a mascot and must swipe the screen in the correct direction to move the mascot . Along the way there will be many obstacles, such as rivers, trees, boulders, cars, trains and sometimes even gravestones. To get past these obstacles the player must go past them at the right time and path to survive . You can use other objects to get across the rivers such as logs and lily pads. An eagle will come by and grab the mascot if they stay in the same place too long or move too far back. Before getting a point you must move every square. Along the way there will be yellow coins with red “C’s” on the covers meaning coins. To get these coins the player must simply move the mascot to the coin.

    What Inspired them to create it?
    According to developer Matt Hall, Crossy Road drew inspiration from Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Disco Zoo, Flappy Bird, Sky landers, Tiny Wings, FEZ and Frogger. I can see were the inspiration of flappy birds came from. It came from the graphics because flappy birds pictures are dreadful and so is Crossy road.
    Why do I like it?
    I like it because it is a game that is not to easy and is not to hard.
    It is easy to play but hard to get a really high score.
    Things it can improve.
    Graphics could be clearer
    It could have level but not the ones that it would take a really professional player to complete.

  35. My favourite game is fire girl and water boy because you have hundreds of levels and it is easy but when you reach level 30 it gets harder and you have to consentrait and it is a 1or2 player

  36. My favourite game is Mario party would tour on the D’s 2.
    I like most Mario games whether if it is on the Wii or D’s,but this ones the best.
    There are lots of different characters I prefer playing as Toad or Mario,I chose toad because he makes funny faces during the game.
    Also Mario because his name is made after the game.

    The game is based on a board and the first character that gets to the end is the winner,there are lots of things to stop you from getting to the end but also you can get lucky and get boosters.

    There are 5 different dice all with different numbers on some only throw a 1 or 2 and then other dice can throw up to 12, spread out on the board are different spaces if you land on them you have to do what they say, for example one block is called a piranha block and you will have to throw the dice and it takes off the number you got from your moves!

    When I play this game I like to play with 3 other characters, the computer controls the other players.

    During the game you have to take part in mini games if you win the game you will get a good dice block for your next turn.

    I don’t really mind if I win or loose because its such a good game to play
    Thanks for reading my blog.

  37. My favourite game is roblox because it so fun and smart. You can build a place and be a builder club and join people on games. You can meet lots of new people and be there friends and make them into your profile. You can join them when they are on a game and have fun with lots of different people. You can turn your character into a dog or a cat or a bunny or a baby. You can do lots of cool things. I like to spend all my spare time playing Roblox with my friends and cousins. Roblox can sometimes be annoying as other people can sometimes send you off line so you will have to re join the game again.

  38. My favorite game is subway surfas because the game is hard and you get a lot of points and when you get a key you don’t loze you come back to life when you die in subway surfas.The thing about subway surfas is that you can fly in this game and it is like the best game no offence by the way .Also in the game you will get to bouns and jump around when you play this game .The trains in this game try to hi6t all of these diffrent characters in this game the games levels move up when they win a level of each of the game that is why I like subway surfas

  39. my favourite game is sooper Mario galaxy 2 because you have 3 worlds and if you are on wold 1 on bousers carsl and you are trying to defeat the beast you hafto shak the wii remot at the red sircle around the beast and if you dufeet the beast you win a grand star .

  40. My best game is driver fransisco … …because you can go on 2 player so I can play it with my brother. on the missons you have to complete the totoryal it is just so you can get the hang of it.

  41. part3
    also in mine craft there is a thing called the end and in the end there is a ender dragon he is the boss of the ender men when you kill him you get a egg to spawn him agene there is also a thing called the nether in the nether there are wither skeletons and blazes.

  42. subway surf- I picked it because it give it more information to the game .Thais game has channels to make it harder. we have to not be hit by the train.

  43. fifa street because you can go online and you can go and play with other people on it and you have to unlock coins from the match and then you can buy packs and get more players.

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