#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

#NPATEK What an exciting day! A package has come in to school that explains that we are going on an adventure. It has asked us to research great adventurers, decide what a great adventurer would wear, what they would have in their backpack and where would they go. It also talked about Africa and asked us to find out about the animals and wildlife that live there. So come on then – tell us what you have found out and let the Adventure begin!

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  1. #NPATEK what an exciting day I had a package has came with a parachute and there was many mysterious objects with in like 3 monkeys, a letter which south African, there was also a small statue that came with the letter, there was a telescope, binoculars and a short rope the letter talk about the missing animals a zoo there was two different coloured that was exactly the same I think that one of the two maps maybe faulty. 5 other schools that got a similar package but with different things inside I think. I think that all the maps put together may make another map. I think that the package belonged to some one that enjoys parachuting and that the package got sent to the wrong location. and I cant wait for the journey to begin…

  2. #NPATEK. When we saw it stuck in the tree I looked at it and realized what it might be. I thought it was a parachute and it was! In the bag that was stuck to the parachute was a letter to us that had a small statue of somebody tied to it, a pair of binoculars, a telescope, 3 small statues of monkeys, a short rope and a map. All of NPATEK had received a bag and I thought that they might have the same objects but diffrent pieces of the map. If we put all of the pieces of the maps together then it could give us a clue so we can find out who sent all the bags. At the end of our letter, there was some diffrent language writing and then it said in English “Enchanted Kingdom.” It was signed by a person called Owenza. Suddenly, I realized that Owenza was an adventurer. I think that the person called Owenza has found an enchanted Kingdom where anything could happen and wants to show us but does not want to spoil all the surprises that he or she has found but hopes we are curious enough to begin our own journey. I can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

  3. The enchanted forist sonds weard and the free monkys are strange miss Leming got some obgeks it is weard that the letter was half inglish and half a difront langwig it was arsem I can’t wate for the advencher

  4. I would wear an adventures hat and grey trousers and boots and a t-shirt.i would pack some binoculars,first aid kit,pop-up tent,maybe a satalite phone that you can call someone who can save you if they’re In a situation like you have got trapped in something like a vine or a trap.

  5. what a unusual package and how unacspected a parachute was in a tree isnt that unusaul tell me who you pesonaly think it belongs to a aunteek collecter because the 3 wise monkeys speak no evil hear no evil see no evil and there was some sort of scroll with zulu langage on the bottom of the mystical scroll there was also a strange light who is a person that explored tell me in the comments below bye.

  6. On Monday some think exciting news happened it was scary a parashot landed in our school there was three monkeys a rope and a tellascop mr bushull opened it

  7. Carolina your anamation is fabulos i love it its an amazing and so so cool your adventure is is really good i think you shoud get a gold star for your adventure because you put so much effort in to it and also Mr wolmarans will be so so pleased of your adventure por anamation!

  8. On Monday we have been recived an very anusal package thats been sent by a African lady I think and also we had some very strange objects although they were helpful when we found out what the message was all about it was about us the hole year 4 going on an adventure I thought it was really weird and also it said that the adventure is going to be an enchanted kingdom I thought that is impossible i think this enchanted kingdom is going to look like this so its going to have a beautiful palace and some little elfs or maybe cute little fairys or it can be enchanted guard elfs that guard the princess palace thats what i think the enchanted kingdom will look like i just can not wait until we woud look forward to going there!

  9. The bag was amazing it had 2maps,3 monkey idols speak no evil see no evil and hear no evil.There was also a torch a pair of binoculars a statue of someone and a scroll that had African language at the bottom.I am so excited about dressing up as the adventurer.

  10. Riley your animation is amazing I like how you put a lot more in your work wow
    can you make it more intresting

  11. well on the last day of school a pacege there was 3 monkeys message saying enchanted forest that is in Africa and 2 maps

  12. blessing your animation is brilliant also it is a lot may you show me how you
    do that because it is amazing
    you are amazing you have done a lot thank you for showing me your animation

  13. On Monday lings primary school got a very unusual package from a very talented explorer.We do not know who it is from on the 18th of may it all happened it was really weird because we got a fire alarm about it.It was really exiting but a bit scary because nearly evry teacher had to get the parashoot down espeshilly Mr Orford and Mr Bushell.It was really weird because it landed in a tree somehow.It was a bit annoying because but it was from a great explorer.

  14. I cant wait for Friday the 5th of June because of the advencher day what will you bring in your rucsac? you have to think about the dangerous scorpions so I would where some thick trousers to survive the dangerous wild.
    I will see you on the 5th of June

  15. one day the fire alarm went of every class rush out senserlbly in a line[but it was a fols alarm]10 minits later… we went back inside the teachers had found…to be continuod

  16. The bag had a 3 monkey and a diary it was osum and a metuch and a nokilu and a map we aft to go AFIK and a torch a camera and a rope and a bag and a paw shot we in jarred it.


  17. The bag had in it 3 monkeys .1 diary we did not read it . The diary import to the parson who given it to ling a map and a telescope also bocqlots ‘ note said that lings had to avecher .Therewas a camera also rope torch . Thebag come with a par shot

  18. on Monday lings primary school got a very exiting package from a explore .we don’t know who we got it from but it is in a tree it happened on the 18th of may.in the bag there was a dairy and a camera and a touch and more it is cool because this has never happened before .we went to go to English to find out how it came hear in partens.

  19. It was AMAZING! their was a map,3 monkeys , diary , telescope , torch , rope , bonocqlus , note. On the second day of the week we wached encharted kingdom showing different anamals and plants. On Friday we are going to dress up as explores.

  20. On the 18th of may we got a bag in are school field tree and we got it into the building and opened it up and we took all of the things out of the bag and talked about them but my best was the monkey’s speck no evil , see no evil and hear no evil they looked so awesome because they were little monkey’s the second thing was a diary we didn’t open it because it would be looking at someone eces stuff we don’t no any information that’s all I have for now I will blog more later bye.

  21. On Monday we found a parashoot with a bag on a tree we found 8 objectes
    and I thought that those objectes gives us a clue.Then Mr Wolmarns said we are going to have an adventure day. And the 8 objectes were rope,3 monkey statues,2 maps ,telescope, benoculars, message, torch, dairy,

  22. Today we Skyped the director of the enchanted kingdom. 10 people asked some questions all about the film.
    thank you for answering our questions.
    thank you

  23. I like downg art because you get to do gloowing and paining its fun😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

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